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About Joey

Joey Beech is a brave soul who is willing to speak frankly about touchy topics.


She shares industry insight, research and compelling stories to move her audience to the next right step. 

The Jouney

When divorce disrupted her childhood, Joey learned critical lessons about money and its role in everyday life and happiness.


After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Joey moved to Iowa, got married and started a long career in the financial industry. 

At a tailgate of a BIG 10 football game, she had a pivotal conversation with a group of young women which included her daughter.


They were about to get their degrees and begin to earn strong incomes. Wanting to see these ladies keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible, Joey looked for a clear and objective resource to help guide them. Not finding simple yet solid information, she set off to create it. 

Turning Point

Helping Others

The result was A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance. It has received top ratings and has been featured on Iowa Public Radio, WHO, and Sirius XM. 

Since writing her book, Joey has spoken at high schools, colleges, conferences, and Fortune 500 employers. In addition to her book, she has authored multiple articles and has become a content provider for financial institutions.

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