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Speaking Engagements

Looking for a speaker?

"I enjoyed how engaging and interactive Joey was, both with the group in the room, and with the 100+ team members present on Teams; she was professional yet casual, and most of all, I loved that she presented the advice/insight in a way that was helpful and self-reflective."  

- Meredith DeGroot

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Interactive Keynotes and Workshops that Teach and Motivate

Our programs are customized to the needs of your audience and organization. They are available as lunch and learns, keynotes, breakout sessions or workshops.

Cultivating Confidence

A fun and interactive program exploring what confidence is, what it isn’t and how to foster it in yourself and others. Combining research with personal stories Joey creates an entertaining and informative session that moves you from knowing to doing. 

  • How confidence is developed and its contributing factors

  • How confidence moves us from knowing to doing

  • The role confidence plays in your personal and professional life

  • Simple tactics to boost confidence

  • How to cultivate confidence in others


Economic Power of Women

Economists have long researched and reported on the enormous economic power of women. When you understand this power, you can use it to influence and impact others.  

  • Your five economic powers

  • How to leverage your economic power to influence, uplift and impact others


Your Financially Lit Life

The financial landscape gets more complicated each year. Effectively managing your money requires an understanding of key economic concepts, which have been proven to result in a more successful financial life. While dispelling money myths Joey educates and inspires her audience to confidently manage their money. 

  • Framework to distinguish personal worth from net worth and how to improve both

  • Financial traps and how to avoid them

  • How to have economic influence without spending a dime

  • How to filter financial news and avoid headline headaches 

  • Secrets of a savvy consumer


Inquire About a Speaking Package

Distinguishing your personal worth from your net worth not only brings peace of mind, but improves your financial standing. 

Financial stresses of today’s economy require more than traditional financial literacy. It requires savvy consumerism and adherence to core principles. Joey humanizes these concepts so all can understand and apply them to their everyday life. 

  • Develop the mental guardrails for navigating today’s financial pressures

  • Understand your financial scoreboard and your financial reputation

  • Uncover financial traps and strategies to avoid them

  • How taking command of your money can also save your soul


Personal Worth > Net Worth

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